Furka Pass

The Furka Pass is located in the Swiss alpine region of Obergoms.

Furka Pass is a renowned pass to motoring and cycling enthusiasts. It’s a spectacular pass ‎2,429 m high in the Swiss alps, which results in a backdrop of amazing scenery. This road is only open 4 months per year from June to September, all other months it’s covered in snow.  This pass is considered to be one of the best driving roads in Switzerland and in the world. Due to it’s popularity, it is quite heavily trafficked when it’s open, however the majority of the traffic is traversing towards Obergoms. There is low traffic if you drive this pass in the direction towards Realp. Due to the high altitude, the weather is quite variable and there is a strong possibility of wet weather. I drove this pass frequently over multiple days. Even when it was sunny everywhere, there was wet weather when driving this pass. The road is very well maintained and in great condition. The majority of the pass is wide enough for two vehicles to safely pass. However there are some sections which are narrow and require exercising caution.  There are also ample opportunities to overtake safely. The speed limit on the pass is 80 kph which is sufficient to enjoy driving the pass. There aren’t any barriers on the edges of the cliff face to prevent a sheer drop or signage when approaching corners.

This was one of the first passes I drove in Switzerland and it really was an amazing experience. The hairpins are tight but extremely fun. I traversed this pass in the Clio 4 R.S Trophy and it was able to maintain phenomenal cornering speeds.  Be warned the pass is quite dangerous in wet weather, especially in the narrow sections. Enjoy the video.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Moderate (Realp to Obergoms), Low (Obergoms to Realp)

Length: 30 kms

Overtaking: Ample overtaking opportunities

Direction: Obergoms to Realp