San Bernardino Pass

I have been looking forward to driving the San Bernardino Pass. The San Bernardino Pass is another high altitude pass located 2,066m high in the Swiss Alps. This road is also only open 4 months per year from June to September, all other months it’s covered in snow. There is minimal traffic on this road in comparison to the other passes, as there is an alternate route which diverts the majority of the traffic. The road ascents sharply with amazing hairpins and if your vehicle has a bit of torque the sharp ascent uphill is exhilarating! The road is a bit narrow, although there is good visibility of oncoming vehicles. The speed on the pass is generous at 80kph, which is plentiful in the tight hairpins. The scenery around the pass is beautiful, which adds to the great experience. Driving this pass was a different experience to the Furka Pass, mainly due to the the sharp ascent here, although both have been very fun drives. I would recommend doing the drive back in the opposite direction as well (towards San Bernardino) as the sharp ascent uphill becomes downhill for some more fun! There aren’t a lot of overtaking opportunities here but it shouldn’t be an issue with the minimal traffic. This is a pass definitely worth driving and not to be missed, enjoy the video.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Low

Length: 15 kms

Overtaking: Not many overtaking opportunities

Direction: From San Bernardino towards Hinterrhein