Since the Nurburgring is technically a public road it makes it’s way on the list. The Nurburgring is one of the best race tracks in the world. It’s a fun high speed track with great technical sections. It’s the world’s longest race track with a lap distance of 20.8km, which takes around 8 – 10 minutes depending on car and driver. The access to the track is readily available, as it is open in the evenings of most days and available all day on weekends. The cost to complete one lap is 30 Euro which is relatively cheap when compared to a track day at a circuit. For instance the cheapest track day at Spa Francorchamps costs 290 Euros with 4 sessions. Not surprisingly it’s a very popular track with a lot of competitors. The busiest days are undoubtedly on the weekends, which attracts a variety of cars. My visit was on a Sunday which was quite a busy day with a lot of competitors. There were a circa of 300 cars in the vicinity of the track! The track was very fun and the long winding corners were a blast. I took it quite easy as the RS only had done 1000kms at this point. The RS was very fun to drive, it was the first time I had experienced it’s “sport mode” on track. The sport mode resulted in quicker acceleration, longer power curve and a louder exhaust. The surface of the track is very smooth although the concrete sections are quite bumpy. It was also great to meet other motoring enthusiasts. The car scene in Germany is quite popular. There were some very nicely modified cars there, with a lot of quick track queens, which included a number of 911s and RS8s. Overall a very enjoyable track. It’s definitely a “road” which should be driven by all motoring enthusiasts.