Nufenen Pass

Time for another mountain run in Switzerland, introducing the Nufenen Pass. This is another spectacular driving road located 2,478m high in the Swiss Alps, in the region between Valais and Ticino. This pass is one of the highest passes in Switzerland, there was still a lot of snow in July! Like with most Swiss passes the scenery of this driving road is spectacular, as the road traverses through various regions. The road is wide with great bends and challenging hairpins, which results in a fun drive. The road is also completely sealed with a generous speed limit and plenty of overtaking opportunities. There is considerably less traffic on this pass compared to Furka and Grimsel, which results in mostly clear runs. The majority of the traffic was mostly motoring and cycling enthusiasts. This was another very enjoyable drive, spectacular scenery, great road and no traffic, it doesn’t get much better than this! This pass should be on everyone’s list to drive, it’s a great driving road. Enjoy the video.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Minor

Length: 25 kms

Overtaking: Many overtaking opportunities

Direction: Towards Bedretto