Splugen Pass

Splugen Pass is another spectacular mountain pass in Switzerland. This mountain pass is located 2,113m high in the Swiss Alps in the region of Splugen, Switzerland. The road is narrow compared to other passes, such as Grimsel and Susten, but it is still wide enough for two vehicles to safely pass. The scenery of the pass is spectacular as the road ascents quite high. This is another pass which is only open in the Summer months. There was relatively minor traffic in this pass compared to other popular passes in Switzerland. This was a great drive, some of the hairpins are quite tight and challenging. The road has a generous speed limit with plenty of overtaking opportunities. I was fortunate with great weather on the day, as this road would be quite challenging in the wet. There were a lot of roadworks occurring during my visit which resulted in the road to be unsealed in some sections. A pass definitely worth driving. Enjoy the video.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Minor

Length: 35 kms

Overtaking: Many overtaking opportunities

Direction: From Splugen to Stuetta