Fv500 (Lysevegen Road)

The road to Lysebotn is one of the most spectacular drives in Norway. The road itself isn’t an ideal touge road for cars, as it is quite narrow with insufficient space for two vehicles to safely pass. It’s however perfect for motorcycles and bicycles. It’s a popular road which has a lot of traffic, there are a lot of tourist buses which traverse this road, which makes it difficult to get a clear run. There are also no overtaking opportunities. The hairpins are narrow and challenging which are fun. The speed is a generous 80kph, but due to the narrow road and blind corners, the likely speed you do is 40kph. The scenery was beautiful, there are a lot of natural rock formations in the area, along with amazing rock pools. The elevation wasn’t as high as some of the other passes, the highest point of the road is located 950m high, which is high enough for the road to be only open in the summer months. It’s a road definitely worth driving for the scenery alone, but if you drive it in a car don’t expect to go fast. Enjoy the video.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Heavy

Length: 29 kms

Overtaking: No overtaking opportunities

Direction: From Aadneram to Lysebotn