Trollstigen is Norway’s finest driving road, to the extent it’s a popular tourist attraction. This road is located in the heart of the Rauma Municipality in northern Norway. It’s a considerable journey up north which takes approximately 12 hours from Lysebotn. This is another pass which is only open in the summer months, which has a peak elevation of 858m. The sealed road is very narrow with tight hairpins and blind corners. A lot of the sections are tight with insufficient space for oncoming vehicles to safely pass which prevents it from making an ideal touge road. There are also minimal overtaking opportunities. Due to its popularity there is considerable traffic on the road which includes a lot of buses and caravans, making it difficult to get a clear run.  The speed is a generous 80kph, but due to the narrow road and blind corners, the likely speed you do is 40kph. The scenery is the best part of this driving road, it is simply spectacular! At the top of the pass, there are a number of viewing platforms which are located at the edge of the mountain side for some amazing photos. The weather can be quite variable in this region, I was quite fortunate and had some great weather. This is a drive definitely worth visiting Norway alone for and not to be missed!

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Heavy

Length: 5 kms

Overtaking: Minimal overtaking opportunities

Direction: Towards Andalsnes