Silvretta Hochalpenstraße

Okay time for a road trip to Austria. Silvretta Hochalpenstraße is one of the best driving roads in Austria. This road is seriously like a racetrack!  This mountain pass is located between Partenen and Galtur in the Austrian Alps. It’s a high mountain pass with an elevation of 2,032m. This pass is closed in the winter months and during night time. A lot of the Austrian mountain passes are toll roads which require a fee to drive. The fee to drive this road is €15 Euros for cars and €12 Euros for motorcycles. The completely sealed road is wide with ample overtaking opportunities and has been maintained well. The speed is quite generous at 80kph which allows for some fun! The scenery of the pass is beautiful with a nearby lake during the pass. There is minor traffic on this pass as it’s a toll road, but it is a tourist destination. The road has 34 hairpins and was very enjoyable to drive. This road is one of the best roads I’ve driven so far, as you can really enjoy your car! A must drive in Austria.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Minor

Length: 22 kms

Overtaking: Ample overtaking opportunities

Direction: Towards Galtur

Toll:  €15 Cars, €12 Motorcycles