Klippitztörl Pass

There aren’t a lot of passes in Austria which are not subject to a toll charge.  The Klippitztörl Pass is an exception and is not a toll road. This pass is located between Lölling and Kliening and has a peak elevation of 1,642m. This pass is also closed during the winter months and is open during the night. It is a nice drive although there aren’t a lot of hairpins and the scenery is not spectacular by any means. The road leading to the pass from Lölling is in poor condition, but the pass road is in good condition. The surface of the road is completely sealed and wide for safe passing of oncoming vehicles. There is a generous speed limit of 80kph with ample overtaking opportunities. There isn’t much traffic and the road is fairly isolated allowing for a clear run. It’s a fun road to drive if you have the time. Otherwise, it’s not one of the must drives in Austria.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Minor

Length: 25 kms

Overtaking: Ample overtaking opportunities

Direction: Towards Kliening