Vršič Pass

There aren’t a lot of mountain passes in Slovenia, but the Vršič Pass is a very nice drive. This is a high mountain pass with a peak elevation of 1,611m and is located between Trenta and Kranjska Gora in Slovenia.  This mountain road has 50 hairpin turns and is 15kms long. The scenery is nice as the road traverses  thick forest with steep elevation. The surface of the road is sealed although it’s not in the best condition.  The road is wide with a safe width for passing oncoming vehicles. There are cobbled sections in the second half of the pass towards Kranjska Gora, which isn’t much fun to drive. The traffic is moderate as it’s quite a popular tourist destination in Slovenia but there are not a lot of overtaking opportunities. The first half of the pass is the highlight as there are a lot of hairpins. Overall it’s a nice driving road in Slovenia.

Speed: 80 kph

Traffic: Moderate

Length: 15 kms

Overtaking: Ample overtaking opportunities

Direction: Towards Kranjska Gora