Transalpina is the highest mountain road in Romania at a peak elevation of 2,145m and is located in the Carpathian mountain range. It’s a long road with a total length of 148 kms. The best part of the road is located between Obarsa Lotrului and Ranca which has a length of 25kms. In this section the road has incredible hairpins and the scenery is spectacular. The road is completely sealed and is in great condition in this section. The road is also wide with safe overtaking opportunities. This is another road which is only open in the summer months due to snow. Like with most roads in Romania, there is a lot of traffic and especially since it’s a popular tourist destination. The speed limit on the road is underwhelming at 30kph which was a surprise. Nonetheless the drive is spectacular with amazing hairpins. I would rate this road better than the the Transfagarasan as the road is longer with more hairpins and is in much better condition. It’s definitely one of the must drives in Romania and Europe with an unforgettable experience.

Speed: 30 kph

Traffic: Moderate

Length: 25 kms

Overtaking: Ample overtaking opportunities

Direction: Towards Obarsa Lotrului