Stelvio Pass

Stelvio Pass is a renowned mountain road in the Italian Alps. This pass was formerly named as the best road in the world by Top Gear. It is located between Stilfs and Bormio in Northern Italy. This pass is the second highest sealed mountain road in Europe at a peak elevation of 2,757 m and is open only in the summer months. The scenery of the pass is spectacular with amazing views of the Ortler Alps. The road however is narrow compared to other mountain roads and is not an ideal touge road. The surface of the road is decent but it is quite bumpy. This pass is a very popular tourist destination among cyclists and motoring enthusiasts so there is a lot of traffic. The hairpins are quite tight and have space for only one car at a time. It’s still an enjoyable drive due to the scenery but don’t expect to go much faster due to the traffic and narrow space.

Speed: 40 kph

Traffic: Heavy

Length: 15 kms

Overtaking: Minimal overtaking

Direction: Towards Bormio