Gavia Pass

Gavia pass is another epic pass in the Italian Alps. This is another high altitude pass located at a peak elevation of 2,621m, located between Bormio and Pezzo. This is quite a secluded pass when compared to Stelvio which was a welcome relief after the heavy traffic on the Stelvio. The scenery surrounding this pass is mesmerising and the location has a very tranquil feel. The road leading to the pass isn’t in the best condition and there are a lot of potholes to be wary of.  That said, a section of the pass has been resurfaced which is in fantastic condition. The road is quite narrow in isolated sections with only enough space for a single vehicle. This results in a lot of blind corners which adds another dimension to this drive and really increases the adrenaline! Perhaps from that perspective it isn’t an ideal touge road. However this pass is a magnificent drive, the road is quite fun with numerous hairpins and has breathtaking scenery.  There was minimal traffic on this pass during my visit which was mostly clear. The location and scenery are the highlights of this drive, which should really be appreciated!

Speed: 30 kph

Traffic: Minimal

Length: 15 kms

Overtaking: Minimal overtaking

Direction: Towards Pezzo