Le Tech to Can Jana (Route D115)

The road from Le Tech to Can Jana is traversed via Route D115 on the French side and C-38 on the Spain side. The majority of this road is located in France. This is a great driving route as it traverses through some nice mountains in the region. The road is completely sealed and is in good condition with a safe width for passing oncoming vehicles. The road was mainly clear with minor traffic. The road is very enjoyable to drive with numerous hairpins and sweeping bends. The scenery through the route is nice with great views of the nearby mountains. This area is quite deserted compared to the French Alps which results in nice solitude. I got my first taste of a Spanish road once I crossed the border via C-38, which certainly did not disappoint. Overall this is a fun driving road with nice scenery and minimal traffic.

Speed: 70 kph

Traffic: Minor

Length: 20 kms

Overtaking: Ample overtaking opportunities

Direction: From Le Tech to Can Jana