Eje Pirenaico – Road N-260 – Spain

Eje Pirenaico (Road N-260) is a great piece of tarmac that is located between Sort Lleida and Adrall in Spain. This is a great touge road which features some beautiful scenery. The road is quite isolated and had no traffic during my visit which was a surprise! I’m finding that in general Spain has minimal traffic on the roads which is great. The road is in excellent condition, it is completely sealed with a safe width for passing oncoming vehicles. This road is quite like a race track with numerous hairpins, long sweeping bends and a gradual incline. The road wraps around several mountains as it traverses through the region. There are spaces on the side of the road to stop and soak in the spectacular scenery which is highly recommended. This would have to be my most favorite drive in Spain so far, a great twisty road, with spectacular scenery and no traffic! What more could you ask for?

Speed: 40 kph

Traffic: Nil

Length: 20 kms

Overtaking: Ample overtaking opportunities

Direction: From Adrall to Sort Lleida