Hakone Turnpike Pass

Hakone Turnpike is one of the most iconic Touge roads in Japan. It’s a road which is often used by JDM manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda, Toyota to develop their cars. It’s also famous for drifting, Touge battles and has featured in a lot of arcade games. This road has been on my bucket list for a while, and I was looking forward to drive this in the FD2R. The Touge road is approximately 13kms long, and features long sweeping bends. It does not have too many tight corners, like some of the prominent mountain passes. This road is located in the region of Hakone, which is located 100 kms away from Tokyo. The scenery surrounding the road is quite nice with good views of the surrounding mountains.  The road is in good condition and has been maintained well. Like most roads in Japan it is subject to a toll fee for each use. There are often a lot of motoring enthusiasts on this road, and you will likely see an array of nice cars on your visit. I saw a nice R35, R34, FD3S and met a few motoring enthusiasts. The traffic on this road is minimal and is predominately consists of fellow motoring enthusiasts out for a drive. I really enjoyed driving this road, although the FD2R is not a high powered car, it was quite fun to drive around the corners. This is a road which should not be missed on your trip to Japan.

Speed: 50 kph

Traffic: Minimal

Length: 13 kms

Direction: From Daikanzan Observation Deck to Odawara