Mikuni Pass

Mikuni Pass is a fun touge road located in Yamanakako, Yamanashi, about 10 minutes from the Mt Fuji race circuit.  It is not to be confused with the other Mikuni Pass located in the Hokkaido region, which is not really a touge road. This pass is named after the Mt Mikuni mountain in Yamanakako and is  approximately 8 kms long. The pass has a peak elevation of 1139m and traverses through some spectacular scenery in the region. Japan has some of the twistiest roads in the world, however a majority of these roads are quite narrow with space for just 1 vehicle at a time.

This road is quite wide compared to others and makes for an ideal touge road. There is a good lookout point at the top of the pass, which has some great views of Lake Yamanaka. The weather was not great on my visit, and the top of the pass was engulfed in clouds. which resulted in some serene scenery. This road is not subject to a toll charge and is popular with motoring enthusiasts. The road was in good condition and had been maintained well. The traffic on the road was minimal, and I was able to get a clear run without any other cars. This is a fun road to drive and deserves a visit.

Speed: 40 kph

Traffic: Minimal

Length: 8 kms

Direction: Towards Lake Yamanaka