Hakone Skyline

Hakone Skyline is another great touge road located in Hakone, Japan. This is a popular pass and is not to be confused with the Hakone Turnpike which is another great road in the Hakone region. This pass is located at a higher elevation then the Hakone Turnpike. The Hakone Skyline road is 5km in length, and is subject to a toll charge. This is a fun road and has many corners and hairpins, much more than the Turnpike. It’s a popular road with motoring enthusiasts and is favorite among car and bike enthusiasts. During my visit I saw a number of nice JDM cars around. The high elevation of the road results in great scenery of Hakone and the distant Mt Fuji.  During my visit the road was in good condition and had been maintained well. The traffic on this road is minimal and usually consists of fellow motoring enthusiasts. I was fortunate I visited this road on a weekday, as this road is quite busy on the weekends.

This was an enjoyful road to drive, as the high number of corners really does result in a great drive. The FD2R was able to keep pace well through the corners and was fun to drive. The only downside is the length of the road, which is a mere 5km that tends to go by relatively quickly. This was my second favourite drive in Japan, after Mt Fuji. Hakone Skyline is a road that has to be driven in Japan, an absolutely great drive.

Speed: 40 kph

Traffic: Minimal

Length: 5 kms

Direction: Towards Gotemba