Route 401

‘Route 401’ is a fun touge road located in the Hakone region near the Hakone Skyline. This road doesn’t seem to have a name and is known as ‘Route 401’ as per the signage on the road. This is not a prominent road compared to the other passes in the region, but sure is fun to drive. This road is 7kms in length and is not subject to a toll charge. It did not seem to be a popular road on my visit and was clear from traffic. This road has numerous corners and tight bends which results in a fun drive. In total, there are 68 corners on this road, making it one of the highest roads with the most corners in the region.

Some sections of the road are narrow and require some caution. The road is in good condition and had been maintained well. The scenery surrounding the pass is not the most spectacular, but is beautiful nonetheless.If you’re in the region, this is a fun road to drive after the Hakone Skyline. The change in direction from the slow corners results in some great fun. Overall it was a very enjoyable drive in the FD2R.

Speed: 30 kph

Traffic: Minimal

Length: 7 kms

Direction: Towards Fukasawa