Izu Skyline

Izu Skyline is another fun touge road in the Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. This is quite long touge road measuring at a total length of 40km. The road traverses through some spectacular scenery in the region with a number of elevation changes which results in amazing views of the surrounding scenery. There are a number of vantage points along the way to soak in the great scenery. This road is another road that is subject to a toll change which is well worth paying for. On my visit, traffic was minimal which allowed for a clear run. This road is comprised of long sweeping corners, tight bends and really is a joy to drive. The road was in excellent condition, maintained well, and allowed for a smooth drive.  This is a great touge road that should be driven on your trip to Japan.

Speed: 50 kph

Traffic: Minimal

Length: 40 kms

Direction: Towards Hiekawa