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Touge is the Japanese term for mountain pass. Touge tour is about an adventure of exploring and driving some of the best roads in the world. A passion of mine is driving a fun car on nice windy roads, a passion, which I’m sure I share with many motoring enthusiasts. Add in a backdrop of spectacular scenery and tight hairpins, that experience becomes all the more spectacular.  I have been planning this adventure for well over 10 years and have collated a  list of roads to drive and experience. Some of the best mountain passes include driving the Trollstigen in Norway, Grimsel Pass in Switzerland, Grossglockner in Austria and the Hakone Turnpike in Japan.

My journey begins in Europe in which I will aim to explore the best driving roads in the continent. I will be travelling across a vast array of countries in exploring the passes below:

Fun Car

A fun car is quite a subjective term with a number of different interpretations dependent on the driver. For me personally a ‘fun car’ is a nimble, lightweight car with sharp steering, which handles well and can maintain decent speeds in the corners. It doesn’t need to have large amounts of power and torque to be fun, but enough to maintain the speed in the corners. Cars such as the AE86, DC5R, S2000, 86, CR-X, Clio RS, DC2R, MX5, Exige (S1/2) etc would fall into this definition.  High powered cars such as the R34/R35 GTR, EVO 7/8/9/X, S14/S15, WRX STi, etc are also fun cars with quite a different driving experience.